"Why not put back one of those $8.50 cigars and try this one for $6.50. . . it's so similar, and you'll save quite a bit". . . that's called "downselling", vs. upselling at other stores.

Cigar Tasting April 2010
- Our cigar tastings are a "customer appreciation night", a "thank you for your business". . . where you get great food, iced beer, iced soft drinks, a shot of 19 year old scotch, AND a free cigar from the host company, which he hopes you'll like enough to be a customer in the future. NOT pressure to buy . . .buy . . .buy!
- A comfortable cigar lounge with a wide screen to sit and enjoy a cigar (and watch the babes going in and out of the nail salon next door), always a great show!!
- Located in a plaza with restaurants galore, a pac n' ship, bank, off track betting, nail salon, and other merchants.
- We have a large assortment of smoking paraphanalia . . .don't judge!


ALL "DON PEPIN GARCIA" cigars! You can't be serious they reply in awe! True indeed, I answer, Pepinís cigars are bold, impeccably crafted and memorably flavorful. They have appeared in the Cigar Aficionado Top 25 list of best cigars in the world for three years running. Itís a performance to be envied by virtually every cigar company, save for Padrůn Cigars Inc. and Tabacalera A. Fuente y Cia., for the uninitiated, Don Pepin is the hottest manufacturer in the business and makes cigars for some of the biggest names such as: Tatuaje, My Father's Cigar, Don Pepin Garcia, La Aroma de Cuba ,San Crystobal,. . .and yes ALL these new arrivals are buy two and get one freeeeeeeeeeee. Don't pass up this opportunity to try so many for so few...hmmm, sounds like Winston Churchill. "Never in the field of human conflict was so much owed by so many to so few". . .I always admired those words about the Royal Air Force during the battle of Britain . . .but I digress . . .my apologies.

Most importantly.. please stop to give thanks to the men and women of our armed forces stationed around the world who's daily task is keeping us safe. They have chosen to protect their country rather than take advantage of it, and when necessary, go into battle for us all. Each evening look up at the stars and say a prayer for these brave Americans who's names we'll never know..but have made our lives safer, our country better,...who says it better than Tobey Keith ...I know I've provided this link before, but if you haven't clicked on it , please do..the faces of the young men and women in the video is beyond words..if you don't view this video..NO CIGARS FOR YOU!!!!!!
Tobey Keith Music Video

Why we're a different kind of cigar store?