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"Best shop in AZ bar none. Ask for Pete he'll get you set up with what you need; dont have it? He'll order whatever you like."             

- Teddy G.

"I've been to a lot of cigar bars and this is my favorite by far.  Excellent place to have a smoke and spin some yarn.  Michael Jaye, and Pete always have something to talk about.  Next door to an OTB if you want to have a smoke while you watch the ponies run as well. 

Great selection of Padron 1926 and 1964 which is tough to find sometimes.  His prices are not crazy and they have all the things you need to enjoy a good cigar. 

I would recommend this place to anyone."

- Isaac B.

"This comfortable little cigar shop is hidden in a strip mall next to an off-track betting bar and a nail salon. The leather chairs are perfect for enjoying a smoke after rifling through the well-priced selections in the humidor. Mike, the owner, is incredibly friendly and doesn't mind if you want to pop in a movie (which they have quite a few choices readily available) on the flat-screen and eat your lunch while you kick back. 

Keep an ear open for when they have a customer appreciation day. The last one included free pizza, a cigar, scotch tasting, and a soda. Can't turn down a find like that!"                                              

- Natalie G.

"Went to Oggie's to get my husband a great cigar. I was interested in the Padron maduros and they helped me select the perfect one for my husnband. I got the 1964 anniversary edition and my husband loved it. So glad I went to Oggie's no one else in the valley was so friendly and so informative in helping me make a great decision for the best cigar for my husband. Great place & great staff!"

- Jeanette P.

"Oggie’s is a great cigar shop. The staff is very knowledgeable and always happy to help you make the perfect selection. I highly recommend stopping by and giving this great shop a try."

- P. G


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